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  1. The ability to have data residency for China to meet "The Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China"  ·  not planned

  2. Have the Box Embed Widget support responsive scaling of videos.  ·  not planned

  3. Password protected feature to Box Sign  ·  existing feature

  4. Box Drive Accidental Deletion

  5. Disable background sync of Box Drive (for throttled or metered connections)

  6. Consistent data size output from folder and file report

  7. name folder based on data created  ·  gathering feedback

  8. Target users for EMM mobile clients  ·  not planned

  9. Consistent TimeZone Reporting

  10. Remove classification and move data to a different classification

  11. Integrate with Excel Power Query to allow users to import data from files saved to Box  ·  not planned

  12. Save a Search Query as a Collection

  13. Improve performance when performing content search queries in admin console

  14. Save Microsoft Teams Recordings to Box  ·  on roadmap

  15. Expose Metadata (EXIF, Codec, Duration, DPI, Resolution, Rating, etc.) with a "Properties" or "Get Info" like appraoch

  16. Exact search queries using quotes should not include wildcards

  17. Always Show Show/Hide Option for Hiding Left Sidebar  ·  not planned

  18. Ability to see the output period of the report expanded.

  19. Add the ITEM ID to the User Activity report (when activity is against a file or folder) in order to join to Files and Folder report on ID  ·  delivered

  20. NetSuite move folder contents and link when converting lead-prospect-customer

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