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  1. Fix file/folder size, counts, dates and storage  ·  on roadmap

  2. Box Status site improvement

  3. Bulk API support  ·  not planned

  4. Boolean search should generate results as part of type ahead query

  5. Limit the amount of data a user can download to prevent data theft by employees.

  6. Box Integartion with Power bi  ·  not planned

  7. Allow admins to report on activity of external collaborators.  ·  not planned

  8. "inactive" or "archive" flag maps to less-expensive storage  ·  not planned

  9. I like automation; I would like to be able to pull data from different Google Sheets that are all located in my Box.  ·  not planned

  10. Display number of search results  ·  not planned

  11. Add column for Modified date, and allow sorting on it.  ·  not planned

  12. Grid View - Bring Back The Slider (adjusts the image size previews in Grid View)  ·  delivered

  13. Data center in India  ·  not planned

  14. Offer us a status: Quantity of data in Gb/Mb still to upload/download and how long it will take in minutes/hours.

  15. Request for improvement of Box mobile app problem when enlarging image data.

  16. Advanced Box search capabilities: Being able to search by Creator, Co-owner or Editor  ·  not planned

  17. Request to improve metadata_query limitation

  18. Search queries should be included in Enterprise Events API  ·  not planned

  19. Support for passing of special characters (as-is) in query (Box Metadata Query API)

  20. Improve the searching capabilities within the Box webapp and Box Drive

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