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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Just curious on the status of this? My use case is below.

    Our business provides product development services. We work with external consultants, contractors and other remote workers. Plus, we collaborate with our clients.
    We have a template folder structure for each client and project. .. e.g. Client Name/Project 1/ Project Phase/"various project folders".
    The "Project 1" folder includes financial, legal and other information that is for internal use only along with multiple Phase folders (these Phases describe groupings of steps in the development process). The Project Phase folder houses all the Phase specific information such as reporting, engineering, client supplied info, client communications... etc.

    With waterfall permissions I can't allow collaborators to have permission to see the client folder, one specific project folder, one specific Phase folder and only the folders that I want them to see under the Phase folder. Right now I have to create a SHARED folder within the Phase folder and only share that folder with collaborators. However, I must name the folder "SHARED-Client Name-Project Name-Phase" in order for the external collaborator to understand what the folder means on their BOX account. Otherwise, they would see 5 folders named "SHARED" not know which Shared folder pertains to which project.

    All of that is to say that allowing specific users access to specific folders without regard to the parent folder, would be very helpful!

    I understand it can get complicated to manage but managing workarounds is also very complicated too.

    One suggestion to make it easier when assigning permissions would be to allow an indented visual list of folders under a user with the subsequent permission level shown next to the folder. That visual tool would make adding and adjusting permissions for a user much faster. I can also envision the same thing for reviewing permissions of a folder where the main folder is at the top and all the sub-folders (indented) are below and the users/groups and their permissions are shown next to each folder. A visual tool like this would be great!

    Finally, folder templates with permission templates would be really great too. That way I can setup a template for Client and Project Folders with all the proper group permissions setup ahead of time. Then I would only need to add a few specific people instead of setting up all the permissions each time. Again, making this a visual easy to use tool would make the user experience great!

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 

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