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  1. Expose Box's "Notification Email" field to SAML provisioning and syncing

  2. Salesforce integration to support Salesforce platform user licenses  ·  delivered

  3. View file audit log with "Deleted users" name on files even after users have been removed.

  4. Need API to download files from Trashed folders

  5. Automatically apply metadata and tags to folders and files with pulse

  6. Introduce a combination of version labels and version dependent permissions.  ·  not planned

  7. File criteria exclusion list for Box Shield classification policies

  8. High Security Permissions Risk with Box Teams Integration on Private Channels that gets Box folder Auto-Created

  9. Ability to Edit folder contents but Folder cannot be deleted

  10. WebApp UI - Ability to collapse left sidebar

  11. Archive a User's Data and Admin Deletes Managed User.  ·  not planned

  12. BoxDrive behavior of files with the “Browser Use Only” classification label

  13. Better workflows for organizing content

  14. The ability to select which country houses a given customer's data.  ·  delivered

  15. Enhancements to Box Search Results – both END-USERS & BOX ADMIN

  16. Aggregate data on "My Metrics" aggregate level: open links, views, etc.  ·  not planned

  17. Customizable download activity parameters like files per hour or data per hour.  ·  not planned

  18. Data Retention Report does not include parent folder of auto-deleted file  ·  not planned

  19. The ability to categorize and manipulate data sets by certain classification policies  ·  not planned

  20. Ability to disable to store the data into Library (=Local) per EID  ·  existing feature

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